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Prize winner advertising campaigns I photographed

Cannes Lions International ad festival – press finalist
Cresta international advertising awards – multimedia winner
Cresta International advertising awards – print finalist
Epica Europe’s premier creative awards – silver medal
New York advertising festival – silver medal
Arany penge creative advertising festival – bronze medal
Arany penge creative advertising festival – silver medal
..and so on.


Phone: +3630 203 6556
Studio: Budapest, IX, Soroksári út 48 – 52. Building 14. 2nd floor. (Directons)

Suggestion for production:

Graphic design and site development:

Amnesty International
Audi Hungária
Wizz Air
Procter & Gamble
Philip Morris
Djuice mobile service
OTP Bank
Elle Magazin
Wellness Magazin
Trafó Center of Contemporary Art
Soros foundation
General Motors
DDB Advertising
Republic group
Publicis Advertising
Kirowski Isobar
Geometry Global
Westend Icon Magazin
Allianz Bank
Allianz Insurance
Grey WorldWide Advertising
Activity Group
Insomnia Advertising
Kastner & partners Advertising
Red Bull Hungary
Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
Spoon Sweden
Médiaunió foundation
HAT márkaművek advertising
Unicredit Bank
Elle Magazine
Adamsky advertising
Merlin Communications
Carbon Group Communications
Kolping Wellness Hotel

Lighting equipments

Lighting equipments:

Broncolor graphit A4 pack – 2 pieces
Broncolor verso generator + battery pack 1 pieces
Broncolor pulso head 8 pieces
Broncolor softboxes , octabox ( photodynamic,hensel)
Broncolor P65 reflectors 6 pieces
Broncolor P45 reflectors 2 pieces
Broncolor honeycomb grid set
Broncolor AC silver softlight reflector, optional white bouncer
Broncolor ringflash ( no pilot)
Broncolor fresnel spot for pulso head
Flag set
Manfrotto, avenger statives
Calumnet boom
Balogh boom
small stative for background
Fill in: lastolite, manfrotto ( silver, white, sun, gold,)


Hasselblad H3DII -22
Hasselblad- Fujinon HC 80mm/2.8 , 50-110 mm zoom
Canon 5D MarkII
Canon  24-70 mm / 2.8 USM L,
Canon 70- 200 mm / 2.8 IS USM L
Canon 35 mm/ 1.4 USM L
Canon 50 mm/ 1.4 USM L
Canon 85 mm / 1.2 USM L
Canon 580 EX speedlite
Canon 550 EX speedlite
Canon ST-E2 transmitter

Nikon 50 mm / 1.4 manual
Nikon 85 mm / 1.4 AF
Nikon 135 mm / 2 manual

Manfrotto 055proB tripod with 141 RC head
Manfrotto 410 tripod

Child / Newborn
Portrait sessions
Portfolio Shooting
Photo Courses

Services & Courses

Need a Photographer?
If you like my shots…

Wanna learn Photography?
If you ‘d like to use your time wisely…

Need to rent any equipment?
If quality matters for you…


With over 10 years of experience,I have worked with international and Hungarian clients, for whom I executed and photographed many award- winning advertising campaigns.

I take control on the full process of the campaign of your company: from discussing  the ideas  throughout the execution  and finishing touches .

I provide high-end service with a fully equipped studio  and a professional team of people.

At your request, I would be happy to send you an official cost estimate.

Child / Newborn

Would you like to capture the first moves of your baby? Your toddler just learned how to sit or reach the goal of standing?

I will take the first images on a professional level in our high- end studio or on location. The photo shoot will be prepared with consideration of the care of your baby’s biorhythm. These first few days are unrepeatable, the photos are eternal either for the parents or the baby.

At your request, I would be delighted to send you a cost estimate.

Portrait sessions

Forget the photobooth in the underground, your portrait has to reflect your personality. Do you need an illustrational photo for your business? Would you like to have a good photo of yourself as a gift or a keepsake for the family album?

I will be glad to help you either in our high-end studio or in any location you may choose.

At your request, I would be happy to send you a cost estimate.

Portfolio and test shooting

If you would like to be a model or if you want to have some astonishing photos of yourself or you wish to see what you are capable of… it’s time to call me!

Would you like to surprise someone with a selection of great photos or with an exclusive experience?

We can offer the best option for you!With over 10 years of experience in the industry I can guarantee full satisfaction. The location  for the shoot can be chose by you or can be executed in my highly equipped studio.

Click here to find out more

Photo courses:

Don’t you have time to get deep into Photography?Do you need a flexible schedule?

Fed up with paying to learn always the same basics?

Private, one on one sessions are the best option for you!

Click here to find out more

Portfolio shooting

10 retouched, high- quality photos with make-up, hair-stylist : 80000 Ft
In addition to the 10 photos, I will provide you a dvd with all the pictures taken at the shoot .
The session takes approx. 6 -8 hours.

5 retouched, high- quality photos with make-up: 50000 Ft
In addition to the 5 photos, I will provide you a dvd with all the pictures taken at the shoot .
The session takes approx. 3-4 hours.

Test shooting

2 different lightings, approx. 50 photos, a change of clothing: 20000 Ft
I provide you all 50 photos on dvd. The price includes the retouching of one selected photo.
Make-up is additional if needed: 10000 Ft.

How I teach – teaching method

You can choose the topics you would like to learn, such as portrait, fashion, stills, reportage, studio photography in general, lighting tips and tricks, cameras, retouching and so on.

How much time you need

I suggest 10 occasions to develop your knowledge. More is better, less is not effective. Calculate with 2 – 2.5 hours for each session. You can choose the desired days, so you can stay flexible in your work.

Costs do matter

10 occasions cost 70000 – 100000 HUF, depends on the chosen topic. This amount consist the high-end studio (200 m2) or location cost (e.g. reportage) High-end strobe lights (Broncolor).
Paying per session: 5000 HUF/ hour.
Bring your friend and get a 10% discount!
Groups (5-8 persons) can get a special price.

Located at

Malomstudio,Budapest, IX, Soroksári út 48.
(Close to the National Theater, Palace of Art), can easily reached by Public transport.

Clown on the top of a car
Mediaunio - telling tales every day
Crying is natural
white lady
Gergely Kiss- Olympic champion waterpolo player for Avon
Icy calm - Iceland
Stripped- Museum of Contemporary art -Barcelona
Portrait of Bátor
Iceland - curves
Composition for Icon magazine
Englist test
Iceland Waterfalls
Women fragrance for Icon
Misi the car mechanic
POS decor
piano and tulle, kodakT400CN, Contax645
Mediaunio - Neked 8 (
Bela Szakcsi Lakatos - Musician, Pianist, Composer
The Master
Circus at Lake Balaton, sampler, agfa rsx
Icon magazine Autumn
Kriszta and her 9 months )
Portrait of Reka
Still composition for Icon
Icon magazine Xmass edition
child fashion
composition for a magazine
Nazares - Portugal
Bride shot for a Magazine chief editor
Skyland  - Iceland
Get bigger campaign
Testing (EN)
Gergő and Emma
Porto - Portugal
Krisztian Berki Olympic Gold medalist
Reflections , kodak T400CN , Contax645
Still shot for Icon
Magazine still
Emma in the park, digital concept
composition for a magazine
Report for exhibition , Hungarian Ballet Academy, Kodak T400CN, Contax645
Porto, market - Portugal
OTP  bank
Porto - Portugal
POS decor
Judit for Zeiss
Pete - Semcom company for Spoon Sweden
Mediaunio - Talk with your child
Aveiro - Portugal
Réka Tenki - Actress for Mediaunio campaign
Aron Szilagyi Olympic gold medalist for Mediaunio 3x1 campaign
Station - Portugal
Krisztian Berki - Portrait of a Great Hairdresser
Denes Kemeny - President of the Hungarian National Waterpolo team
Tesco Click and Collect
Stairs  - Budapest
first days
ELLE- Timea Babos Tennis player
Pete - Semcom company for Spoon Sweden
Mediaunio - telling tales every day
Still Compositon for magazine
ELLE magazine- Miklos Both Musician
Iceland - infinite calmness
Circus at Lake Balaton
1 of the Highest Hungarian player for FHM magazine
costa nova
baby in the mirror
Noemi fighting against the flies - Lake Szelidi - Polaroid 600
30 sec at the bay
composition for a magazine
Zsike hides
portrait of Emma just few days before be born
Spain - Fields of Ronda
Somody Imre - Médiaunio/ Pharmavit
Mediaunio - Neked 8 (
Krisztian Berki Olympic Gold medalist
Reykjavik - Agfa
Autumn campaign
Leo -the first days
Misi testing
White lady
Gergő and Emma
Pista Busa- Rapper, freestyler for Mediaunio
Glacier lake -Iceland
Adam Kalasz Creative Director
Mediaunio - telling stories every day
ELLE magazin - Babos Timea teniszező
composition for a magazine
Sleeping, Hasselblad H3DII , 80 mm / 2.8
SUPI kid Shoe catalogue
Iceland - Night shot next to Reykjavik
fashion - for ourstyle
Icon magazine
portrait of Leno
Iceland Waterfalls
POS decor
Nóra Szily- reporter - Mediauno campaign
Los americanos , costa del sol - Sampler
Maternity 1
Iceland _ Reflections near to the see
Aveiro - Portugal
composition for a magazin
Iceland Waterfall
Bike- Egypt
first steps
Mediaunio - telling tales every day
female bags for Icon
for Westend
Maya - designer, miodesign . Nikon Fm2- 135mm/ 2, Ilford delta
Iceland - Snowtop
Tesco - pick up point
el coche americano - Spain, sampler, fuji velvia - out of date
Adidas - Kodak gold 400
Kristina and Emma
Kristina and Emma
Turkey - Flag
Mediaunio - Talk with your child
Ballerinas - attention please
Still shot for Icon
Walley of the King
composition for a magazine Christmas edition
Stream to the see - Iceland
Colors of Portugal
for Icon magazine
Mediaunio - telling tales every day
Peter Geszti For Avon Against domestic Violence campaign
Kristina and Emma
Tesco Click and Collect 2
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